Fresh Air Handling Units – SK50T-PO (P-Heat pipe)

SK50T-PO – Series are Horizontal Floor mounted Fresh Air handling units capable of handling the air volume from 1700 CMH to 60000 CMH and handling external static pressure of up to 1000 pa. The casing consist of 50 mm thick profile with Thermal bridge which ensures that no condensation takes place on the surface of AHU. The panels are of 50 mm thick insulated with CFC free PUF with uniform density of 40 kg/m3. The unit consists of following components
• Intake section with G.I powder coated sand trap louvers (optional)
• Combination filter section with pre and bag filters
• Horse shoe heat pipe for energy recovery and cooling and dehumidification
• Cooling coil ( CHW or DX type)
• Forward or Backward curved blower
• 3 phase foot mounted induction motor.