Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Finpower Condensing units are one of the best in quality, performance, and energy efficiency available in the market today. Condensing unit is available with single or dual Hermetic sealed scroll compressors and they can be used with multiple refrigerants, such as R22 & R410A

condensing unit

Nominal Capacity: 47.4 TMBH to 680 TMBH

Model Range:   FPV 04Z to FPV 10Z

                        :  FPC 12Z to FPC 80-01

Designed for an ambient temperature of 85 Deg F to 115 Deg F and SST of 35 Deg F to 50 Deg F

Refrigerant: R22, R410A

Cabinets: Cabinets are constructed of heavily zinc coated galvanized steel. Chemically cleaned and phosphatized to bond the specially formulated corrosion inhibiting, polyester powder coating.

Condenser Coil: Condenser Coil are formed of seamless smooth surface or inner grooved copper tubing with mechanically bonded aluminum alloy plate fin slit type

Compressor: Single or Dual Hermetic sealed scroll compressors are applied together with internal compressor motor protection.

Condenser Fan Motor: Permanently split capacitor motor with permanently lubricated ball bearing and internal thermally protector.

Standard accessories:

  • High-pressure protection
  • Low-pressure protection
  • Magnetic Contactor
  • Time delay relay
  • 220V /240V Control Circuit
  • Crankcase heater for higher capacity unit

Optional Features

  • Expansion valve
  • Slight glass
  • Filter Drier
  • Solenoid valve
  • Shut off  Valve
  • Copper Fins
  • Phase Protector

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