Cooling & Heating Coils

Standard Chilled water coils are made in either 3/8”, 1/2” & 5/8”dia. seamless copper tubes which are mechanically expanded with
rippled aluminum fins. Th is ensures high heat transfer efficiency, low air resistance and longer coil life. The cooling coil are designed as per AHRI-410 standard. Hydrophilic Aluminum or Copper fins are also available. An additional option of anti-corrosive coatings such as Heresite™, Copon Blue or blygold™ are also available. All Coils are provided with Copper /Mild steel headers. Coils are provided with Brass Threaded Male Adaptors / Connectors. Refrigerant coils are provided with Brass Distributors. Air & Drain vents made of Brass are standard for Water Coils The standard casing material for all coils is Galvanized Steel. Casing can also be manufactured with Stainless Steel. AHRI-410 certified coils can be provided.


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