Th e unit consist of double inlet double width AMCA certified fans, which can be either Forward, Backward curved or Aerofoil
bladed. The type of blades are selected on the basis of static pressure and efficiency requirement. Single inlet single width fans i.e. Plenum fans are with backward, curved or Aerofoil bladed especially for the Clean rooms and Hospital Projects. Plenum / Plug type backward curved fans with motors directly coupled to the fan is also available as an option. The Fans are AMCA certified for the Sound & Air Performance and Fan grade efficiency. Generally all wheels are statically and dynamically balanced to ISO1940 and AMCA 204 – G2.5 standards. Generally all fans aft er assembly are trim-balanced to ISO1940 and AMCA 204 – G2.5 standard. Plenum fans with high energy efficiency EC motors are also available with low noise, low power consumption and longer durability. Clients looking for high energy efficient units can opt for AHU’s with EC fans, which can save up to 50% of power consumption as compared to conventional fans.


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